Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Ellen!

I'm really not one to wax poetically on about a specific celebrity.  OK, so I have admitted that I'm into celebrity gossip, but as far as admiring any celebrity in particular...nah, not really into that.  Except maybe for Ellen Degeneres and today is Ellen's 50th birthday - W00t! (had to let a little Ruby in for that one)

Seriously, if I had to pick one celebrity I would want to meet...Ellen. If I could pick a celebrity to be my best friend...Ellen.  And if I were ever to decide to swear off men and switch teams...Ellen.  I really just think she's a very cool lady.  She's funny and clever, seems to be really genuine, has a great collection of Converse sneaks, and gushes about Justin Timberlake!!!  What's not to like!!! 

Everyday I record and watch her show.  It really is one hour where I kinda just sit back and let the day go and usually laugh, laugh, laugh...oh and sometimes I'll even dance!  During yesterday's birthday show in her opening nonologue (a monologue without her striking writers) she brought up some stuff about turning 50 that at least for me, really hit home and made me reflect...especially as I approach my own birthday milestone...

1 - It's just a number!  
For Ellen, this was NEVER what 50 was supposed to look like.  So true and I feel the same way right now.  I used to get so hung up about the 'number' fact I thought my life was over at 25!!!  I really can't believe I'm actually turning 40!  Although I do have days where I feel like I'm 90 (work, work, work)...I know I don't look almost 40, or generally feel almost 40 and ask anyone who knows me,  I certainly don't act like I'm almost 40!   Sure we all  have responsibilities and I can turn on the grown up when I need to...but as Geoffrey the Giraffe always says..."I don't want to grow up, I'm a Toys-R-Us kid!"  Definite words to live by!

2 - Be happy with who you are.
To me, happiness is all relative.  Am I a happy person?  Do I feel happy?  I guess so.  I think for me it is not necessarily about being happy so much as I am not unhappy.  To me there is a difference.  That might sound a little weird, but heck I'll blame it is my east coast, jewish/catholic guilt ridden upbringing to lean more towards the negative.  

3 - Don't try and be anyone but who you are. 
Frankly I'm on board with that.  I know I'm not perfect, or look perfect or done exactly what people thought I should or what I thought I would do but I'm really OK with that.  Actually I'm more than OK with that because who and where I am is exactly where I've chosen to be.  I know so many people who try and blame others for their lot in life and I'm so not about that (at least 98% of the time I am).  Everything I have ever done...every decision (good or bad) has brought me to my where I currently am today, the life that I have and the person I have become.  Have I made some bad decisions?  Sure.  Would there be things I would do differently?  Yup.  Is there definite room for improvement?  You betcha!   But I did that and I'm good with it!

4 - Live everyday to the fullest! Don't take anything for granted and you never know what tomorrow brings!
Yeah, yeah, yeah...everyone knows this, but how many people can actually say they do it?  I know I don't that is for sure.  I get so bogged down with, well, LIFE that it is sometimes hard to live it.  I'm not talking about bungee jumping or skydiving.  For me it needs to be about making sure I am doing the things I like to do, spending time with the people I love, learning new things, eating great food (that is healthy of course) and loving my Ruby.  So this is a definite area of improvement for me or an area where I continually need some positive reinforcement.

Gee...I got all this from a 2 minute nonologue - LOL.  Well, happy birthday Ellen!  Thanks for making me laugh and reminding me that life truly is what I make of it!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Fun Fact #4

Useless tidbit of the day...

The dot over the 'i' or 'j' is called a tittle

Did you know that?  I didn't...I just can't believe I've gone through life without knowing that!!!  Seriously.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I was tagged by Jessica...something to think about other than work...YAY!  Here goes...

4 Jobs I've held...
- Ice cream girl
- Demo Dolly - ehm Sales Engineer (gave technical demos at trade shows)
- Technical Project Manager
- Web Development Manager

4 Movies I'd Watch Over and Over...
- Godfather II
- When Harry Met Sally
- Sunset Boulevard
- Garden State

4 Places I've Been...
- Sydney Australia
- London England
- Edinburgh Scotland
- Kennbunkport Maine (No, I wasn't visiting the Bush Family, but I did see their little 'cottage')

4 Places I've Lived...
- Newark, NJ
- Princeton, NJ
- San Jose, CA
- Fair Oaks, CA

4 TV Shows I Watch...
- Project Runway
- Law & Order (all of them)
- Gray's Anatomy
- The Office

4 People Who eMail Me Regularly...
- My sister Joey
- My mom
- My boss
- My boss' mom (ok, so my boss is one of my best friends and his mom is kinda my CA mom)

4 Favorite Foods...
- Fruit (any and all)
- Green Beans
- Cheese (any and all)
- Sushi

4 Places I Would Rather Be...
- Aptos, CA at the Spa
- Coffee shop with my 4 best girlfriends dishing it up
- At any yarn shop feeling up the yarn!
- On the couch with a cup of tea, my latest knitting project and Ruby curled up beside me napping

4 Things I'm Looking Forward To...
- The birth of my best friend's daughter next month (who I made that cute sweater for)
- End of work life will get easier at that point (I hope)
- My sister coming to visit (not planned yet, but will happen this year...probably over the summer)
- My birthday trip...SO not planned yet, but I want to go somewhere with a few friends and just kick back to celebrate the big 4-OH!

4 People I'm Going to Tag...(only if you have the time)
- Jen

Friday, January 18, 2008


1) I was born in 1968 - yep, the big Four-OH is soon.  Scary.
2) I have one sister and one nephew and if you count my sister's pup I also have a niece.
3) I was born and raised in NJ, but moved to California 10 years ago.  I don't think I'll ever move back.
4) I L*O*V*E the rain and especially thunderstorms!
5) I have never been married, nor do I think I want to be.
6) I don't have kids, nor do I think I want any, but I love my nephew and all my friends kiddies because I can give them back!
7) I hate to clothes shop.
8) I love to shop online.
9) I am a serial crafter, but I think it's getting serious with knitting.
10)  I have more skeins of yarn than I do shoes.
11) I love the grocery store.
12) I love gourmet food shops.
13) I love to cook, but seem to only be able to cook for a crowd. (Thanks to Rhonda, I'm getting better at that)
14) I love NYC!
15) I've been to Australia.
16) My favorite trip of all time was to Scotland...what a beautiful country.
17) I would love to take an African safari one day
18) I have visited 33 states, 17 more to go.
19) I love Mission style furniture.
20) I have been to a Star Trek convention but I am NOT a Trekkie
21) I'm addicted to TV.
22) I love all Law and Order shows.
23) My current favorite movie is Garden State.  I could watch it over and over.
24) I'm allergic to cats.
25) I'm 5'2" on a good day.
26) I graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in Political Science, but I work in computers, go figure.
27) My favorite color is blue.
28) I visited the set of Saturday Night Live for work once and saw Dana Carvey, John Lovitz and Chris Rock.
29) I love 'school supplies' - paper, pens, folders, notebooks.  Yes, another addiction.
30) I could eat roast chicken every night!
31) I survived on diet coke and Lorna Doone cookies for breakfast in college.
32) I love kitchen gadgets.
33) I love to visit Disneyland!!!  One year I visited 5 times!!!
34) I like to read historical biographies.
35) I love celebrity gossip.
36) Kermit is my favorite muppet.
37) My favorite drink is tea - iced or hot.
38) I hate to exercise, but when I do I feel so great.
39) I was once Martha Stewart for Halloween.
40) My favorite season is fall...I love the color of the leaves.
41) My least favorite season is summer...I hate to be hot and you can only take so much off!
41) I haven't worn a dress in at least 9 years!  It's all about the pantsuit if you HAVE to dress up.
42) I love Hollywood awards shows.
43) I love my iPod and couldn't live without it!!!
44) My favorite band of all time is the Police, but I like all types of music.
45) I love soup!!!
46) I hate the snow! (see #41)
47) I have never done illegal drugs or smoked a cigarette.
48) I hate to go to the doctor.
49) I really don't like parties or socializing.  I'm much better in small groups.
50) I am pro-choice.
51) I am pro-gay marriage.
52) I am pro-military, but I hate this war.
53) Hillary Clinton kinda scares me!
54) My favorite drive is 17-mile drive 
55) I hate LA.
56) I once participated in a county mock trial in high school.  I was the defense attorney. I lost.
57) I was presented as a debutante at 17.
58) I went to a somewhat snooty all girls catholic high school.
59) My nickname in grammar school was Webster (like the dictionary)
60) I studied 2 semesters of Russian in college.
61) I wanted to work in Washington, DC and be a professional bureaucrat when I left college, but got obsessed with computers instead.
62) I worked for Apple Computer for 6 years.
63) I was a paper millionaire for 1 day thanks to the start up I worked for going public.  They tanked before I could cash in!
64) I just got a promotion to being a Director.
65) My job doesn't excite me anymore.
66) I'd like to write a children's book one day
67) I thought blogging was silly until about a year ago!
68) In the 6th grade I tried to fail a test, but only managed to get a 70!
69) I love to read magazines and have had subscriptions to Vanity Fair and Entertainment Weekly for over 15 years! (see #35)
70) I love my TiVo!
71) I love socks...and so does Ruby.
72) I had a problem with my legs growing up and didn't have to take Phys Ed at all in high school!
73) My high school principal (Sr. Anne) thought Madonna was a role model.  This was in Madonna's 'Like a Virgin' days.  It still makes me laugh!
74) I'm not a big drinker, but do enjoy a nice glass of wine every now and than.
75) If I didn't color my hair I would be completely gray...and it's been like that since I was about 24.
76) I think tattoos are cool, but would never get one.
77) Reality shows generally annoy me, but I do like Top Chef and Project Runway.
78) I took Polish folk-dancing from the age of 4 till I was about 13 and hated it!
79) As a kid, most of my summer vacations were on trips to historic sites (Valley Forge, Gettysburg, etc) and I hated it.  My dad was a history buff and now I regret not paying more attention.
80) My favorite TV show of all time has to be Sex and the City.
81) I love Italian and Mexican food.
82) I am generally lazy.
83) I love to take naps, but have terrible insomnia.
84) I love my crocs and wish I could wear them all the time!
85) I'm an early riser and always have been.
86) I usually go to bed early, 9:30pm, but rarely sleep thru the night (see #83).
87) I hate coffee, but I love the way it smells.
88) I love polar fleece.
89) I've never been camping, but would love to go one day.
90) I hate stupid people.
91) I hate people who are late.
92) I can be ready for work in under 30min.
93) I think I would like to teach one day.
94) I have food texture issues.
95) I have a potty mouth, but am working on it.
96) I once bit my sister (she has the teeth marks to prove it too)
97) I love the train.
98) I am a spas at reading maps.
99) I hate to unload the dishwasher.
100) I love how happy Ruby is to see me when I get home.  I just melt.

Friday Fun Fact #3

OK, now this is just silly...

Again from the  'Page-a-Day Living Green 2008' online calendar...
"Put a lid on it...Lose a little less energy through your stovetop (whether gas or electric) by applying the simplest of expedients - a lid over a saucepan to contain heat and warm food faster."
Is it me, or is that just like 'duh...of course it will'???  Hat on head, top on pot...both keeps the heat in....H*E*L*L*O???  I think I need to find better fun facts!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


 There really is just no time to do least for right now.  Yesterday (oh and Monday and Tuesday too) I literally had to walk out of meetings/conference calls just to go to the restroom!  That is just crazy!!!

I used to be so much better at having a handle on my time...not necessarily scheduling specific time to go to the bathroom of course although I am thinking that might not be a bad idea right now. Rather not allowing my schedule at work to be so overrun that I don't have time to literally breath!!!  I sure hope this is a passing phase and NOT how it is going to be going forward.

It really is a vicious cycle...meetings all day that I can't get any other work done. Coming home and having to do the work at night - which I hate doing.  Even if I don't come home and do work, I get home and am exhausted.  I don't do anything at home (cleaning, cooking, blogging, crafts) because I'm exhausted.  Oh, did I say I was exhausted?  I begrudgingly deal with a very energetic dog when all I want to do is sleep.  That really is no way to live... I hate it...I hate that I am too tired/grouchy because of a crappy day at work to roll on the floor with the beasty girl (which always makes us both very happy) and rather resort to reading all the emails I didn't get to during the day on the sofa while robotically throwing a ball to get the pups just a little exercise!!!


So that's it..I have no time right now.  Yes, this too shall pass...I know, I hope.  In the mean time thanks for letting me rant.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

In the midst of madness...

I actually managed to complete a knitting project!
As expected, this week was a mess.  I won't go into too much detail (I'm sick of it) but not only was it tough to get back after 2 weeks gone, but there were meetings, a pending re-organization and layoffs!  Yes.  Crazy way to start the new year.  I'll share more on this at another time.

But like I said, in the middle of all this, I managed to complete a knitting project.  As much as I adore knitting, I sometimes am WAY too ambitious and never seem to finish things.  I also seem to have a sweater phobia. Anyway, for those of you who are Wonder Ruby readers, you know I started this a while back and at one point, just had to give up due to time.  Well I finished it!!!!  And I have to say I'm really happy with it.

This cute little number is going to one of my very best friends (who also happens to be my boss) who is about to have his first baby.  On Friday, I managed to escape the madness of work for a few hours to attend a baby shower thrown by his Mom.  It was a very nice afternoon and had tons of fun and again a really nice break from the work craziness.

Here's another close up of the buttons.  They match the booties I gave at the first shower!
So although NOT a project for me, I feel really good about this one and it's one project closer to me getting to knit something for myself!  Oh, and soon as the little critter is born, I'll get a picture of her in it and post.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Friday Fun Fact #2

Yesterday was actually Fun Fact Friday, but I was Way Too Busy to post. But in an effort to stay true to the blog, here we go...
Did you know...
A healthy mature maple tree has about 200,000 leaves.
OK, I never said facts would be relevant or all that important...all I said was they be facts and maybe sometimes fun ;) I happened on this tid-bit while visiting the Yarn Harlot...who is currently obsessed with leaves.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Party's Over...

Well, maybe not the party, but the vacation is.  Two whole weeks...that's the longest vacation I've taken in a long time and boy did I need it!  Now it is back to work...I'm SO not looking forward to it either.

I start my week tomorrow with a 2 hour rush hour commute to the Bay Area for a meeting to discuss a reorganization my team is about to undergo.  I know, nice way to start the year AND great way to spend my first day back.  It's been in the planning stages since November, but now the 'fun' begins.  As hard as this will be, I'm hoping it will really help improve things at work...but we will see.

So...if you don't see me post for a couple of days, don't give up (at least not yet).  It will probably just me be trying to dig out from the madness!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Friday Fun Fact #1

For years I've been known (more aptly accused) of being the purveyor of useless information. You know, the stupid little things you hear and seem to always remember versus remembering something useful, like say your phone number??? So I thought I would start a little feature to share some of these little tid-bits.

In keeping with the 'Get Green' resolution for 2008 I give you this little item hot off my 'Page-a-Day Living Green 2008' online calendar...

" bringing your own reusable basket or mesh bags to the supermarket. If you go grocery shopping once a week, in five years you’ll have kept anywhere from 250 to 1,000 grocery bags out of our landfills."
The trick for me is remembering said reusable bags...that and getting rid of the 250 to 1000 paper grocery bags I already have!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Towels...

For as self-indulgent as I can be, towels are the one thing I never seem to get for myself. It's weird...I have so many sets of sheets I could go without washing linens for at least 6months (and that's changing sheets every week!!!), but towels... let's see, well I can't remember the last time I bought myself new towels!

So I had to go to Linens & Things for a gift card for a Christmas gift so I thought...well why not? So I got these really cushy cobalt blue towels and even got new bath rugs too - woo hoo! So I've had them for at least 3 weeks, but haven't used them! I know, I know, crazy...but I wanted to white tornado the bathroom first.

Don't get me wrong, the bathroom was relatively clean...but you know, new stuff, you just want to make it...well...perfect. So I spent the morning cleaning the bathroom, putting out the new towels and was great. What's even better is Kelly got me this great towel warmer for did she know I got new towels!!! Well, she didn't...she just bought something she knew I would never buy for myself...which is typically towels!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year...

OK, so I've toyed with the idea of a personal blog for a while but always changed my mind. Who would want to read about me? Well, maybe no one...but that's ok...I should just do this for me, right? Well, we'll see how it goes...

So new year, resolutions, right? Well, I've never been very good at resolutions...except that one year when I actually accomplished 2 things off a list of 20! I think I set the bar too high, what do you think? Well Ruby made some resolutions for herself on her blog, I might as well give it a shot..
  • Get Green: Ruby covered this one as well. First step, I actually bought 100% recyclable paper towel- Yay!!! I'll miss you Bounty Select-a-Size. Not sure I can do the same with TP?
  • Eat Local - Eat Healthy: Two not necessarily connected, but I'm thinking local farmer's market = fresh fruits & veggies = eating healthy.
  • Clean the Clutter: I'm a clutter bug. No matter what I try and do there is always a bunch of stuff EVERYWHERE! The only way I seem to get rid of things is when I move and no real plans for doing that right now so I need to de-clutter!
  • Get Moving (aka exercise): Doesn't need explanation just need to do it. Does the Wii count???
  • Knit more for Me: Now that the beasty-girl is older, she lets me knit. Now I just need to start knitting for me. A few scarves over the last few years doesn't count...I need to knit me a sweater...after Maddy's sweater, Andre's baby gift and Yvette's sweater and purse...maybe that will be a back-half of the year resolution!
So...there you have it. First post and resolutions all in one!!!